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Learn more about trauma and get support in TREC DC's Trauma Resiliency Group

TREC DC is excited to announce the start of the Trauma Resiliency Group, facilitated by Dr. Christiana Shao! When? Saturday, January 8, 2022 What time? 12-1:15pm EST Where? Virtual (zoom) How many weeks? 10 weekly sessions, all on Saturdays 12-1:15pm Cost? $100/session TREC DC will provide a statement that can be submitted to health insurance for out-of-network reimbursement Purpose of the Group: This is a time-limited group that combines psychoeducational, and cognitive framework with a supportive relational group process. It involves the use of educational worksheets about trauma and recovery to structure the group. Weekly handouts are used to help patient deepen their understanding of trauma and build new coping skills. Because this group emphasizes safety and stabilization, we will not focus on the specific and/or contents of trauma histories. Group Format: This group consists of ten self- contained, topic- oriented sessions designed to provide members with a greater understanding of trauma, the psychological aftermath of victimization, and the process of recovery. We work to help individuals make sense of their trauma and associated reactions so that they can achieve some mastery as they journey towards healing. Topics to be covered includes but is not limited to the impact of trauma and its roles regarding developing a sense of safety and self-care, trust, shame, self-blame, compassion, anger, self-image concerns, relationship with others, making meaning of the past and the recovery process. Who is this group for? Individuals (18+) who have experienced trauma and are in an early stage of recovery. This group is especially well suited for those who (1) interested in learning to understand how traumatic events have affected their lives, (2) are just beginning to explore relationship between past trauma and current life pattern, (3) have lives marked by social isolation because of past trauma experiences, (4) have never spoken about their traumatic experience, and/or (5) have had their trauma minimized, denied, or invalidated. Clients must be in DC, VA, MD or a participating PSYPACT state (for a list of PSYPACT approved states, click here!). Interested? Please email us at or call at 301-338-6134. To ensure that we give clients the best treatment possible, we will schedule you for an initial screening appointment to make sure the group would be a good fit. We are also happy to answer any questions about the group and/or our practice.

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