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At TREC DC, we provide a variety of training offerings for all career stages, ranging from undergraduate internships to specialized trauma trainings for career mental health professionals. Please feel free to contact us if you do not see the information you are interested in below.


TREC DC offers a one year postdoctoral fellowship with flexible start dates. This would be an ideal placement for a current intern who is looking to receive trauma-focused training and experience in evidence-based psychotherapies within a cultural humility/social justice framework. This placement includes working in a private practice setting that offers supervision hours to be license-eligible after one year in DC, didactic trainings, weekly consultation, flexible hours, and opportunities for telehealth/telework. 


Strong applicants will have established interest in and experience working with individuals who have experienced trauma, including experience with evidence-based psychotherapies for PTSD and related trauma sequelae. Please email CV, cover letter, and two letters of reference to apply.


We are no longer accepting applications for the '24-'25 training year.

Please check back in Winter 2024 for details to apply for the next training year.


We work to provide sufficient supervision hours to be eligible for licensure in DC within one year (with an approximate caseload of 15 client hours per week). Supervision includes a mix of individual and group supervision.


We provide client referrals to build a solid caseload with a variety of presenting issues, backgrounds, and preferred approaches to give you a wide base of training and experiences.


We provide guidance to assist with the licensure process in DC, MD, VA, and/or other jurisdictions. We also help fellows take next steps toward their future career which may include things such as assisting with creation of a website, application/interview preparation, or networking with other professionals/organizations.


We provide training and supervision in evidence-based psychotherapies for PTSD and associated sequelae, including CPT, PE, EMDR, ACT and CBT-i. We have weekly group case consultation with TREC DC psychologists and trainees.


TREC provides all fellows with access to comprehensive electronic medical record software (Simple Practice) that allows for online note keeping, assessment, billing, and HIPPA-compliant teletherapy. We also provide a Microsoft 365 account for access to Teams and your own e-mail address for easy communication with clients and the rest of the TREC team.


We provide case consultations and access to didactics that emphasize empowerment and affirmation of individual and cultural identities and how they intersect with trauma and psychotherapy interventions.


We hope to provide the best possible experience for every fellow and this includes attempts to meet the individual needs and desires of each trainee when possible. We offer flexible start dates and work schedules. We also offer the ability for fellows to be involved in a variety of activities that TREC offers including the development/growth of the extern training program, provision of supervision, running/developing support or therapy groups, or community engagement/outreach.


TREC DC offers a one year externship for students pursuing an advanced clinical degree (PhD or PsyD) who have already completed at least two years of clinical training, at least one of which included providing therapy. Our externship offers opportunities to provide trauma-focused therapy, as well as the potential for co-leading groups and/or workshops. We provide weekly team consultation and monthly trainings. The externship includes a required team meeting on Thursdays from 12 to 1 pm. There are also opportunities to establish and/or help continue community partnerships with social service organizations in the DC area. This would be an ideal placement for an advanced clinical graduate student who is looking to build their clinical experience with trauma-focused training and experience, including the use of evidence-based psychotherapies within a cultural humility/social justice framework. 


To apply, please send a cover letter, CV, and two letters of recommendation (can be from you or directly from the recommender) to

We are no longer accepting applications for the '24-'25 externship.

Please check back in Winter 2024 for details on applying for the next training year.


TREC DC offers training opportunities that can be customized to students throughout their academic career from high school through graduate school. Opportunities may include clinical interactions appropriate to training level (such as phone screenings or clinical intakes), attendance at team consultation meetings, clinical trainings on a variety of topics, research presentations, community outreach, leading workshops, and receiving mentorship on clinical career development.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


TREC DC offers trainings and workshops for career mental health professionals as well as other community groups who may benefit from trauma-informed trainings. Topics for career professionals can include evidence-based trauma therapies such as CPT, EMDR, or PE; use of other evidence-based therapies in a trauma-focused setting including CBT, ACT, and CBT-i; trauma-focused supervision; or trauma-informed mindfulness. Topics for community groups may include information about typical responses to trauma, ways to access mental health care, brief workshops on trauma relevant topics such as sleep disruption, self-care, or mindfulness.

Please contact us to discuss possible training opportunities for your group or community.

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