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Undergraduate Extern

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Third year at Durham University in the UK

Studying Psychology

Angelica is a student based in the U.K. developing her experience and knowledge in the field of complex trauma. She has had previous experience working in several therapeutic capacities, including supporting children with special education needs (SEN) such as autism, Down’s syndrome and cerebral palsy; working with children in the foster system; helping students with hearing and visual impairments access higher education; and building relationships with adults in a medium security psychiatric hospital. 

Angelica also volunteers for both CPTSD Foundation, an organisation which raises awareness and provides support tailored to a complex PTSD diagnosis; and for her college welfare society, where she trains fellow student leaders on the subjects of mental health and safeguarding. 

Angelica is fundamentally interested in how relational experiences with others can damage us so deeply, and how a secure and compassionate relationship with a therapist can in turn soothe and heal us. Angelica is determined to learn the many ways to build healing relationships with those who have experienced only danger in past relationships. To do this, she is journeying towards completing a masters in Clinical Psychology and then a Clinical doctorate. Once qualified as a clinical psychologist, Angelica hopes to open her own practice and personally treat those challenged with a history of interpersonal trauma.

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