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Updates from TREC DC

As challenges in the world continue to mount, we at TREC DC frequently reflect on what we can do to help those who are impacted by trauma. And we are proud to announce new offerings and availabilities as TREC DC grows and expands. New staff: Please welcome three new staff members to TREC DC! You can read more about our new staff on our website. Lisa Marston, LICSW: Lisa is a BIPOC clinician with expertise in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy. IFS is a trauma-specific therapy that incorporates both psychological and spiritual methods such as mindfulness and self-compassion practices. This evidence-based approach allows clients to gain insight into their internal system to enable their healing and growth. Lisa is licensed in MD and DC and has immediate openings to see clients via telehealth. Aysha DeSilva, PsyD: Aysha will be joining our practice for a 1-year fellowship and has immediate availability to see clients via telehealth in DC, MD, and VA. Aysha is a BIPOC clinician with special interests in working with those who have experienced relational trauma, developmental trauma (trauma that occurred in early childhood), intergenerational trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault, bullying and harassment, and racial trauma. Joan Oduyoye: Joan will be joining our practice as masters-level intern. Joan is a BIPOC trainee who has a passion for working with those that have survived trauma, particularly those who have experienced natural disasters, homelessness, domestic violence, and grief/loss. Joan is able to offer low-fee therapy services to clients in DC, MD, and VA. New workshops and groups: We are constantly looking for new ways to expand our offerings and are happy to announce some upcoming groups and workshops: Bold Action Group: living your values through life’s challenges (virtual): Beginning 9/12/22 at 4pm EST o This group is designed to provide support for individuals who are looking to continue making values-based changes in their lives and includes introduction to and practice of present-moment awareness (e.g., mindfulness) exercises as well as invitation to make commitments to engage in values-based actions between group sessions. This group will also provide an opportunity to reflect and process experiences interacting with other group members. The group is open to everyone who is struggling with impact of trauma, anxiety, depression, ongoing distress (e.g., racism, sexism, homophobia, impact of COVID, workplace trauma and/or stress), or other stressor/challenges. o Co-led by Dr. Lisa Carlin, the group will be held every other Monday, beginning 9/12, from 4-5:10pm EST. Each session is $115 and members are asked to commit to attending for 4 months (approximately 8 sessions) with the option to continue on an on-going basis. Women of Color Circle (virtual): Date To Be Announced o Led by a BIPOC clinician, this 1-time workshop will be an affinity space for those who identify as women of color including those of African, Latinx, Middle Eastern, Asian, Native American, Multiracial, Indigenous, and Pacific Island descent who have experienced racial trauma in the community (e.g., educational settings, workplace, and religious groups). The Women of Color Circle will provide attendees with supportive discussion, psychoeducation on racial trauma, and resources for coping with racial trauma. Open to anyone who identifies as a woman of color residing in all States who are 18 years or older. The workshop will be 75 minutes, $40, and fees can be waived or reduced if cost is a barrier. Grief and Loss: The journey of a griever (virtual): Date To Be Announced o Led by a BIPOC clinician, this is 4-session group (with a 5th follow up session 2 weeks after the conclusion of the group) that will help members better understand the grief process and gain tools to help navigate grieving. Each session will focus on different themes, including myths of grief, identifying and understanding emotions, the grieving and re-grieving process and self-care tools. Open to anyone, 18 years or older who resides in DC, MD, or VA. Each group session will be 90 mins. $25 per session or $75 if you pay for all 4 sessions up front. Fee can be waived or reduced if cost is a barrier. Members must agree to attend all 4 sessions. Friends and Family Workshop (virtual): Date To Be Announced o A workshop for friends and family members of trauma survivors to better understand trauma-related symptoms and disorders, learn effective ways to be a supportive loved one, and receive support around the challenges of navigating relationships with trauma survivors. Open to anyone, 18 years or older. For more information on our groups and workshops, please contact us here or via email at

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