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TREC is expanding in Virginia

We are excited to announce additional trauma-focused therapy availability to residents of Virginia! The TREC DC team has been expanding to include new therapists practicing in Virginia who have immediate availability for new clients, and we would like to introduce them to you! All therapist and staff bios can also be found on our website here:

First up for introduction is Dr. Erica Peppers. Erica’s approach to therapy is to continually attend to co-creating a safe space for trauma recovery, recognizing that survivors of trauma hold multiple identities that inform how they understand their own trauma and trauma recovery. Attending to an individual’s unique vulnerability, experience of, and healing from trauma are important factors that Erica considers in the selection of effective trauma focused interventions. Her treatment approach is affirming, collaborative, and warm. Erica has extensive experience using evidence-based psychotherapies (CPT, PE, IPT, DBT, CBT) and actively works to ensure that these therapies are delivered in a culturally affirming way.

Erica has formal training and experience in the delivery of culturally responsive psychological intervention and assessment of trauma, co-occurring psychological disorders, and medical comorbidities. She received both her Master of Art (MA) and doctorate in Psychology from the University of Tennessee as well as a Certificate in Grief, Loss, and Trauma. She is also currently working towards licensure as a Psychologist in Virginia. Erica completed her doctoral internship in Health Services Psychology at the Washington DC VA Medical Center where she demonstrated her acumen for using culturally informed treatment with survivors of various traumas, including military sexual trauma. Erica actively promotes health equity and works to blend her training and professional experience in public health, multiculturally competent research, clinical training, and social justice advocacy into her work with clients.

We at TREC DC are so grateful and excited to work as colleagues with Erica and bring trauma-focused therapy to more residents of Virginia!

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