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Trauma & PTSD Information Workshop

Unsure about how experiences of trauma may be impacting you? Interested in learning more about what trauma therapy is and how it might be helpful? TREC DC's Trauma & PTSD Information Workshop is open to anyone 18+ who has experienced a traumatic or distressing event (or multiple events) and wants to learn more about trauma symptoms and options for treatment. This 1-session virtual (zoom) workshop is held on the 2nd Thursday of each month and will cover basic information about symptoms and common reactions to trauma, as well as treatment options both for those who have experienced a recent trauma and those who have been living with trauma for several years (or decades). The workshop will also include some basic coping skills that can be used during times of overwhelming emotion or strong reexperiencing symptoms and triggers. Our February workshop is next week, Thursday 2/9 from 3:00-3:45pm eastern time! Register here!

*If cost is a barrier, please contact TREC DC at: to request a fee waiver*

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