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New Group Alert: Race-Based Stress and Resiliency Group

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

TREC DC is excited to announce a new group offering: Race-Based Stress and Resiliency Group (RSR) facilitated by BIPOC clinician Dr. Christiana Shao! When? Saturday, January 8, 2022 What time? 10-11:15am EST Where? Virtual (zoom) How many weeks? 8 weekly sessions, all on Saturdays 10-11:15am Cost? $100/session TREC DC will provide a statement that can be submitted to health insurance for out-of-network reimbursement Purpose of the Group: RSR is a time limited group designed to help people who have experienced the lasting negative effects of race-based stress. The focus is on learning skills to self-validate, build resilience, and commit to living an empowered, valued life. Group Format: This group consists of eight sessions designed to provide members with psychoeducation about race-based stress; racial identity formation, building resilience, and empowerment. The group will emphasize learning and practicing coping skills to enhance the overall wellbeing of each group member. Who is this group for? BIPOC clients(18+) who have experienced negative impacts of race-based stress and would like to process these experiences in a safe and supportive group environment. Clients must be in DC, VA, MD or a participating PSYPACT state (for a list of PSYPACT approved states, click here!). Topics to be covered include but is not limited to psychoeducation about race-based stress, racial identity development, building community and resilience, as well as empowerment responses to racial stress. For more information on Dr. Shao, please visit

Interested? Please email us at or call at 301-338-6134. To ensure that we give clients the best treatment possible, we will schedule you for an initial screening appointment to make sure the group would be a good fit. We are also happy to answer any questions about the group and/or our practice.

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