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Introducing TREC DC's therapist training program!

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Part of TREC DC’s mission includes education: of communities, of providers, of ourselves…and of therapists-in-training! We are so excited to be expanding our practice to include therapists-in-training, who will be providing trauma-informed care in individual therapy as well as workshops and community outreach. Here are a few frequently asked questions about our trainees:

Who are therapists-in-training? Therapists in training (e.g., “trainees”), are masters or doctoral graduate students often in their final years of training before becoming licensed providers. TREC DC provides training opportunities for students in clinical and counseling psychology PhD and PsyD programs, as well as masters in counseling. In addition, TREC DC’s training program includes postdoctoral fellows who have their doctoral degree in clinical or counseling psychology and are specializing in trauma-specific therapy prior to being independently licensed. Our trainees’ credentials are listed in their bio on our about us page. If I see a trainee, how can I be sure I’m getting a quality level of care? This is an important question and concern that we – and our trainees – take very seriously. We adhere to standards from the American Psychological Association (APA) that require supervision of all trainees with a licensed provider who is responsible for clients’ care and is available to assist and support as needed. In some ways, clients under the care of a trainee get an increased level of care given the time dedicated to therapy by the therapist and supervisor in between sessions. What are the costs associated with seeing a trainee? Can I use my insurance? Our graduate student trainees are able to provide therapy at a significantly reduced rate of $30/session (50 min), and can provide services for a more reduced fee as needed (minimum $10/session). Our postdoctoral fellows’ rates are more commensurate with our TREC DC associates and owners as they already have their doctoral degree. However, like our associates and owners, they do have limited slots available for reduced fee clients. As with the rest of TREC DC’s providers, trainees are not “in-network” with insurance companies, and we strongly encourage clients to ask their insurance provider if they will cover therapy by unlicensed providers (under the supervision of a licensed provider as explained above; click here for additional questions to ask your insurance company). I am interested in seeing a trainee – how do I know that they will be a good fit for me? The rapport between a therapist and a client is extremely important, and we encourage individuals to request a no-fee (20-min) consultation with any TREC DC provider they are interested in working with – including trainees! Please email us at admin@trecdcpsychotherapy or complete our contact form to let us know you are interested in meeting with a trainee for a consultation. During your consultation, the trainee will ask for some initial information to make sure your therapy needs would be met and respond to questions you may have. Please let us know if you have any questions about our training program, working with a trainee, or about TREC DC’s services!

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